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WordPress – The best platform to build your business website

WordPress – The best platform to build your business website

In this new era, people are doing business through the internet by using a website. It’s the easiest way for the customers and the business vendors for selling and buying the products. Most of the business vendors who are mainly startups are spending more money for making a website for their business, they are the vendors who have less knowledge about the WordPress platform. 

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS (Content Management System) that is mainly used for building websites. It allows you to edit, alter the appearances of the website along and provides the ability to drag and drop the blocks of functionality to the site. 

WordPress started as a blogging platform in 2003 and soon transferred into a CMS and later into a fully-fledged website building platform.

Features of WordPress

Here are some of the features of WordPress CMS:

  • Simplicity
  • Flexibility
  • Easy for publishing 
  • Publishing tools
  • User management system
  • Media management system
  • Easy theme settings
  • Provides plugins
  • Easy installation and up-gradation 
  • Search engine optimization 

Why is WordPress the best platform to build a website?

  • Free to use

WordPress is a free open-source content management system. It comes with the freedom for you to use, modify, build upon and publish the website as you like.

  • Broad variety of themes

There are thousands of wide varieties of themes in WordPress. All you have to do is download and install the theme, alter the theme according to the behavior of the business. You can change the color, content, add images, logos, setup menus, etc.  

  • Plugins

Plugins are used to add more functionality to your website. There are thousands of pre-developed plugins in WordPress that are used for running a website including contacts forms, analytics, Yoast SEO, galleries, easy share buttons, etc these all are free to use. There are premium plugins like CodeCanyon, Themelsle, Pippin’s Plugins, etc. Plugins are easy to use and install and with the help of a plugin you can change the looks of your website with just a few clicks.

  • You don’t want to know programing 

If your company does not have a developer, you can still update and manage your business. WordPress has all the things that are essential for developing a website, you just need to drag and drop the contents needed, for that the code will be written automatically. 

  • Scalability 

WordPress is scalable because you don’t want to pay extra money after reaching a certain level of traffic or any other circumstances. It is directly installed into your domain and all you have to pay for your domain and hosting. 

  • Mobile friendly website

Most people are browsing by using their handset like mobile phones. So it’s important that the website must be mobile-friendly as now google has taken it as a factor for ranking. 

The core software of WordPress is fully mobile-optimized and the themes are developed in a manner that automatically resizes to fit any display. 

  • User-friendly interface 

Basically, WordPress is developed in such a way that all the techy and non-techy people can understand it and can edit it. The user-friendliness makes WordPress the best platform for building websites all over the world. 

  • SEO friendly 

WordPress is SEO-friendly right from the installation. The platform has bundles of SEO functions and also provides plugins like Yoast SEO that can help the website on the front-end side of things. 

  • Woo-commerce

By using the woo-commerce plugin you can easily install woo-commerce to your website. 

Woo-commerce is an open-source e-commerce platform built for WordPress. 

  • Highly secured 

Now people are more concerned about security. WordPress is used by big brands and organizations, this is the best sign to show that it’s a highly secured and trustworthy platform. 

The WordPress team and the community of volunteers are watching each and every second for any vulnerabilities. They will notify you with regular updates for shortening the loopholes. 

Sum up

WordPress is a robust platform for building a website for startups, small or large business organizations. If you want to build a website then you need to go through these steps: 

  1. Choose a web hosting platform
  2. Register a domain name
  3. Install WordPress 
  4. Select themes and plugins
  5. Make the edits you need
  6. Publish 

If you need to add more content, videos, images, or anything you can easily update it by logging into your website and make the edits needed then click update.