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What is the difference between UX, UI, and web designer?

What is the difference between UX, UI, and web designer?

Are you fond of designing? Do you have ever designed anything in your life? At our young ages, we used to draw in our book, walls of our house, in our body, etc these all indicate that we all have done this at least once. Let’s go something professional. 

Design is a key factor to attract more users into an app, website, etc. It is quite expensive but without a perfect UI, UX design the app/website that you have developed is worthless. 

What is UX designing?

UX stands for user experience. The designer needs to know about the psychology and emotions of the users. When a user enters into a website or application, the user experience is the main area where a UX designer needs to focus.

What is UI designing?

UI design is more familiar and it stands for User Interface design. The things that a user sees on a website or in an app like photos, buttons, menus, etc. 

What is web designing?

Web designing is the designing of a website.  A web designer works on the appearances, layout, themes, etc. 

The difference between UX, UI, and web designing


  • UX is the process of developing and improving the quality of interaction between a user and all others of a company. 
  • In theory, a non-digital practice, but used and defined predominantly by digital industries.
  • UX design is NOT about visuals, it deals with the psychology and emotions of the users.
  • UX designers look to solve problems for their users
  • A UX design is called perfect when it has the 3 main functions that are Usefulness, Usability, and Desirability.
  • The main fundamentals of a UX design are Understanding, Ideating, Testing, crafting


  • UI design normally works on how to make your website more attractive.
  • UI design is for digital products. It considers all the visual, interactive elements of a product interface like buttons, spacing, typography, color schemes, etc.
  • The aim of UI design is to guide the users through a product’s interface. 
  • UI design moves the brand’s qualities and visual resources for a product’s interface, ensuring the design is steady, coherent, and aesthetically pleasing.

Web designer

  • Website designers tend not to adopt the human-focused strategy of UX plan
  • Web designers look to solve problems for their clients.
  • It implies a strong command of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.