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What are new trends with IoT?

What are new trends with IoT?

It is a fast-paced world and technology is changing at a lightning speed where you need to be smart enough to catch up with the pace. From the latest cell phones, virtual reality, zoom calls, new social media apps, technical devices….and to say as a zenith of technological advancement men have even entered the space for a tour! Internet of Things (IoT) is another area where technology has shown a great amount of innovation. Internet of Things refers to physical objects or ‘things’ that are embedded with sensors, technology, and software and can connect data with other devices over the internet. It was in the year 1999, Kevin Ashton coined the term IoT.

Before going into the latest trends with IoTs, let’s look into some real-life examples of the Internet of Things that are useful in day-to-day lives.

Smart Homes

Smart homes or home automation is a good example of Internet of Things. In this, lights, fans, air conditioning, etc are connected over the internet.  It allows operating these devices from a distance. Smart homes are capable of energy management, light control, remote access, etc.  Although home automation involves huge costs, this is becoming popular day by day. 

Shopping malls 

In shopping malls, a barcode scanner scans barcodes from each product. It then collects information and sends data to the host computer. The computer is connected to a billing machine, gives bills to the consumers after processing.  All these devices are connected via IoT. 

Health monitors 

Wearable health monitors including wristwear, smart clothes, and medical wearables can be used to record pulse rate, heartbeats, etc. This can be further sent to doctors. These devices can also raise an alarm in case of medical emergencies. 

Biometric security systems

Biometric security systems are used by many agencies, offices, companies for daily attendance, allowing access, etc. It uses the fingerprint, voice, eye of people for recognition, access. The devices in the biometric security systems are connected via the internet. 

There are many more examples of IoTs in daily life. Let’s now see the emerging trends with the Internet of Things that will be a trendsetter in 2022.

IoT in Healthcare 

Health care is one area where the Internet of Things has been used very widely. For diagnosing diseases, health checkups, emergency care  IoTs are a great help. To check heartbeat, blood flow, oxygen pumping, and many other related things, devices are connected together. Doctors can collect a patient’s data without meeting in person. To treat a large number of people, IoTs will be of great assistance. 

IoTs in Cyber security 

There is a lot of advancement in the area of IoTs and in the area of cyber security things needed to be tightened. A lot of advancement is taking place in the world of cyber security as far as IoT is concerned. There have been reports that there were 1.5 million cyber-attacks against IoT devices this year. Things are changing and manufacturers are setting up additional security protection with IoTs. 

IoT in Industry

In recent years, there has been a lot of advancement in the use of IoT in industries and factories around the world in the area of production, selling and customer care.  A lot of smart factory setup has come up and this trend will continue in 2022.