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Top 7 video marketing strategies

Top 7 video marketing strategies

In this tough situation that we are facing now, people are staying inside their homes and busy making videos, memes, and a lot of funny things. They are driving their time on social media and youtube. More than any posts or any memes they like interactive or funny videos. Here let’s meet the topic of video marketing.

Video marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that is able to drive a lot of people into a business. There will be no one who has ever made a video in their entire life, isn’t it? Yes, maybe you are now thinking about the last video that you have made. Haha.

Video making is a simple job, only we need a camera phone or a camera itself. But in the case of business, it’s not like that, it’s a bit expensive. So let’s meet the main points of video marketing:

  1. Unique content

Everybody needs unique and relevant content. If the content is ready then visualize your content and think like you are the customer and then only fix that content. Take more time in creating content. Let me give you some tips to create unique content:

  • The first and best way to find content is by browsing search engines. I prefer this because you may get more ideas other than the one in your head.
  • Watch videos related to your business. Watch your competitor’s videos and mark their pros and cons. Fix the loopholes of your competitor by adding their missing content in your video. 
  • Talk with your customers and ask them to give reviews of your business. That’s the way to find your pros and cons and fix them too.
  1. Identify the target audience

It’s not about making a video and sharing it, it’s not complete. The video should reach its right customers that make the whole process complete. As I told above it’s a little bit expensive so it’s important to drive customers to your business.

Group your audience by collecting their demographics ( gender, age, language, location, etc)

  1. Video creation

The best way is to give your work to an agency. Make them work for you as your idea. This makes you out of all other headaches. 

If you are making the video, first of all, you need a perfect studio, perfect framed cameras, content, some people to act, all other miscellaneous expenses. This is because I prefer agencies. Feel free and make your ideas come true with help of agencies. 

  1. Tell your success story

Interact with people by introducing your business. Then tell them your journey of your business, your success stories. When we are sharing our story by ourselves in our voice makes people happier and intrust to hear. They will trust you more because they are watching you and hearing your own voice. 

Other than anyone telling about our business, it’s more likely that we are taking that initiative to share our business by ourselves. 

  1. Add subtitles

Subtitles are needed these days because If our business is international and you shared your video without subtitles that don’t make any scene. The video publishing platforms like youtube, Vimeo all provide the options for auto subtitles but it will not be a perfect thing to do. Ask your agency to make subtitles for your video.

Subtitles help deaf people and the people who do not know the language used in the video to understand the story in the video.

  1. Promote on right channels

We choose only the best for us right. So we should publish a video on the right and best channels. Youtube, Vimeo, search engines, email, blogging sites are some of the best platforms to publish because more people are scrolling on these platforms. 

But you have to choose the right channel where your target audience is there. 

  1. Call to action

This is the last but not the least thing that you need to do after the submission of the video. Your video was awesome and people are excited about your video and after they watch the video there should be some means like a URL or button that directs them to your website

For this, I can give you some tips:

  • Use a click-through action before or after the video.
  • Before ending the video give them some suggestions related to your other videos.
  • Give them free trials or something like that.