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Top 5 video marketing strategies for 2022

Top 5 video marketing strategies for 2022

“We are operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following”.

In this age of social media where reels, Insta stories, Vlogs, FB Live, and YouTube enthrall people, there is no doubt that any kind of video has a profound influence on people’s minds. The other day I was talking to a friend of mine. She mentioned a popular Youtube Vlogger and how she has influenced her in a positive way. Of course, people can understand when you share genuinely. Coming to the area of business and branding, Video marketing has become one of the popular marketing tools in today’s world. 

Data shows that 81% of businesses use video marketing strategies as boosting conversions is a lot effective using this. 

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Smart branding of your business through videos

Consistent posting schedule

Set your goals clearly

Build trust with powerful video contents

Have a good idea of your analytics

1. Smart branding of your business through videos

Many enterprises do good marketing of their products/services in an indirect way. How? They share office pictures, their work culture, happy employees, team celebrations, success stories, and other fun videos. Business groups and their employees share these on social media. When you do this with video marketing a little more professionally, it becomes a good video marketing strategy for your business. The content in the video can be a blend of promotion about your enterprise, information on the products/services of your business, testimonials from employees and clients, fun activities, and contact info. Well, all of these can be seamlessly incorporated into videos, and any other out-of-the-box idea which suits you well can also be added. It can attract the audience, get good engagements and increase conversions. Through video marketing, 88% of marketers have received a positive ROI. 

2. Set your goals clearly

You can set your goals of what you need to achieve through video marketing. Start in a small way and then you can build on it. Once you achieve small goals, it is easy to pursue higher. Studies show that conversion rates double for websites using video.

There are enterprises that make videos for advertising purposes only. Some firms especially target social media ads. 

3. Build trust with powerful video contents

For any business having mutual trust and confidence amongst people and customers is of prime importance. Video marketing helps in conversion and sales. It’s interesting that 57% of consumers are of the opinion that videos give them more confidence to purchase.

4. Consistent posting schedule

Studies show that there will be a greater audience engagement when you post your videos consistently. Every day posting will be hectic and monotonous! If you post in a week, say Thursday 5 pm, then every week follow that schedule of Thursday 5 pm. The audience likes consistency. In your enterprise, make a good video marketing team of at least 3 or more people. They can brainstorm ideas so that content won’t be redundant. Every time it shouldn’t be promotional content of your business. Informative content, humorous videos, short interviews, etc are some of the content strategies.

5. Have a good idea of your analytics

Lastly, it is very important to understand the performance of your video and for that, you need to get the statistics right. How many views? How many likes and shares? It may vary from platform to platform.

Even people watch old videos which maybe still relevant. With Good usage of keywords and relevant content, people are likely to watch good-old videos.