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Are you preparing to develop a mobile app? Flutter is the best cross-platform framework that will be utilized in the coming years. Flutter is an open-source UI SDK (software development kit) used to develop applications for IOS and android. C, C++, Dart is the programming languages used in Flutter. Using dart language we can also develop native apps in Flutter. There are several companies that use Flutter in their mobile application development. Flutter is the product of google.

The above graph says that by 2021 flutter will be one of the best cross-platform frameworks

The above graph says that by 2021 Flutter will be one of the best cross-platform frameworks.

Let’s discuss the 10 merits of Flutter app development;


  1. High Performance

                Flutter is capable of stably delivering 60 frames per second on most devices and up to 120 frames per second on devices. It gives more productivity than other cross-platform frameworks. It has clear competitive factors like visualization and performance when compared to other frameworks.

  1. Dart Language

     Dart is the programming language used in Flutter. It has a clean and well-structured syntax that sets ideal conditions for creating a clear architecture of an application. Dart helps Flutter to avoid the need for a separate declarative layout as in other languages.

  1. Hot Reload 

                 This is a key feature of Flutter. This allows developers to see the changes that they made in code instantly. It takes seconds to see the changes so programmers can easily change the sections of code. They can be able to make changes from the point they needed. At that place, they can continue to program the code. Thus it will help speed up the development and allows more experimenting. 

  1. Fast Development

       It helps a fast response because with the hot reload feature developers can easily apply changes and execute them. Whereas in others, changes can be able to apply only after the  entire source code compilation is done.

  1. Cross-Platform Development

       With this feature, there is no need to build two codebases for different platforms. That is one codebase that is enough for running in IOS and android.

  1. Developing Community Worldwide

       Flutter has been nowadays the most growing development community worldwide development. So if you have any doubt then you can post your query on the Flutter dev community, and you will get fast suggestions from Flutter developers around the world with a less time frame. 

  1. Great UI Designs

 Flexible design components and interactive elements make developers create applications attractively.


  • built-in beautiful material design
  • Cupertino (iOS-flavor) widgets
  • rich motion APIs
  • smooth natural scrolling, 
  • platform awareness.

           These all are the features provided by Flutter.

  1. Time And Cost

 Automated tests are not needed for running on different platforms. That it is platform-independent. 

  1. Team management

  It is one of the important factors for any enterprise development. During the time of native application development, we want two teams for android and IOS native app development. In Flutter with the feature of platform-independent, we don’t need two teams, so it will help to reduce time and efforts.

  1. Rich Set Of  Widgets

    Flutter has a rich set of widgets like text, button, slider, list, a layout that helps apps view and interface. It takes everything’s a widget approach. It is not only for views and also helps in the entire screen and apps.

These are some main advantages of Flutter. With these advantages, Flutter will become one of the leading cross-platform in the coming years. Flutter results in mobile application development services like;

  •    IOS Application Development
  • Android Application Development
  • Windows Application Development