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Artificial Intelligence in WordPress

Artificial Intelligence in WordPress

Artificial intelligence(AI) is simply a way of molding machines into thinking and performing like a human being. If you are familiar with machine learning you will hear about artificial intelligence. It is also known as human intelligence. ALAN TURING was one of the famous mathematicians and logicians who made a significant contribution to cryptanalysis and logic and philosophy. He is the founding father of artificial intelligence. Machine learning is the application of artificial intelligence, it builds the computer into a self-learning mode without explicitly programmed. Nowadays artificial intelligence plays an advanced role in exploring new approaches in different fields.

Artificial intelligence is programmed with the help of languages like java, python, LISP, and Prolog. Robotics is an area that artificial intelligence can apply. For performing robots like in the sensation and movement, artificial intelligence is needed. Otherwise, most robots are not artificially intelligent. Nature language processing(NLP) is a subset of artificial intelligence. NLP makes it possible for humans to talk with machines.


WordPress is the simplest, popular way to create your websites or blog. It is a content management system.  Lots of templates are available in WordPress. We can create websites related to our theme. There are so many plugins in WordPress which improvise every section. The website created from WordPress is visible to all people even if they aren’t developers.

You can create below,

  • Business website
  •  Ecommerce sites
  •  Blogs
  •  Portfolio
  •  Resumes 
  •  Forums
  •  Social network

  WordPress and artificial intelligence

  • Get rid of spam comment

                Akismet is a WordPress plugin used to find spam comments. Using this plugin you can easily understand which comments were caught and also you can clear it. Akismet uses artificial intelligence and machine learning.

  • Improve your SEO

     WordLift plugin helps to improve your content’s SEO. It includes the features related to SEO like content tagging, publishing meta description, semantic value. It is necessary to optimize the image along with content.

  • Live chat

      WordPress possible live chat in application with artificial intelligence.

  • Polishing your spelling and grammar

Using correct spelling and grammar is needed. Boring content does not exist.

Jetpack plugins help to polish your spelling and grammar.

Artificial intelligence is becoming a crucial part of online success in marketing. The above-mentioned advantages clearly depict how artificial intelligence influences WordPress thus in marketing.